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Hope. Healing. Restoration. Transformation.

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. James 1:27

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Healthy Grief

one day at a time


Devotional Time

Start a bible plan, purchase a devotional or read  a proverb or psalm each day. Take a moment to have a time of prayer



Did you know exercise can help you heal while in grief?

Healthy Breakfast

Grief effects our body and causes stress. Healthy eating helps us in our grieving process.


Early cry if necessary

Crying is healthy. If emotions flood in before work or school, take a moment to acknowledge those emotions in you and/or your child. You are the model of grief for your child, and must make sure you are making healthy grief choices. It is ok to cry and talk with your child about how you miss your loved one. 


Healthy Lunch


Sneak Away

Take time for peace. Take a walk alone in silence for a moment of peace or step away from the crowd a few times out the week and enjoy lunch alone as you eat in peace and reflect. Drive to a nearby park or as a parent, during afternoon nap, take a nap or find a space to clear your mind.

Act of Love

Send a text, call or email to tell someone you love them, that you are thinking about them and for a child, that you are proud of them. Buy lunch, flowers or even gas for a stranger or someone you know. Do something to show someone else you care.

As Desired

Spend time in the Wellness Room

Go to therapy

Share your story

Pray what your thankful for

Share love by volunteering or serving at church

Dream again!!

Think and/or share a happy memory of the person you're grieving

Listen to an encouraging word or song

Write out goals for your emotions

Set New Change in Life goals

Read a book

Remember to balance your time alone and with people. If you like to be alone, challenge yourself to connect to others. If you love being around others, challenge yourself to get alone.


Triune Transition

We are great at disguising how we feel. Especially after work/school. Before you jump out the car to get started on dinner or other home duties, set 5-10 minutes daily for each action below:


      1. Talk about your day (self or    

          with whoever is in the car.)

         Share whatever you would like

          to get you prepared for 100% 

          attention at home.

     2. Thankful moment - If you are

         alone or with children, yell

         what you are thankful for

         within your day.

     3. Self Prep Speech - Encourage

          yourself. Tell yourself you can

          handle this evening and you

          are ready to conquer what is  

          ahead for the remainder of

          this day.

Healthy Dinner

Cook your meal and invite those in your household to join you and all eat at the table together. On special nights, have dinner movie nights.

Evening Activity

Do something you enjoy. Play a game, connect with a support group, join a bible study, volunteer, play a sport, write, read, hike, paint or do crafts. Before putting the kids to sleep, read to them or share a memory of the person who passed.


Just He and you

As you shower or bathe share with God your true, honest feelings. He is big enough to handle it. Before bed, write in your Journal, read your bible and pray or spend time in the wellness room. Play worship music as you sleep.


When all the pieces of your life are unpredictable and shattered, creating healthy, purpose filled habits in the areas you have control of will help you become victorious in your walk through grief. 

Are you seeking Grief Classes that:
- Fit in your schedule?
- Are available 24 hrs per day?
- Can be taken at your own pace?
- Are affordable?

Then join
Our online grief support sessions "made with you in mind"

Pudding Proof!

"The one biggest thing that blessed me during the grief class is know what grief actually is. It was freeing knowing that I’m not selfish for being upset for losing an opportunity or a love interest. Grief is does not only mean lost as a result of death. One of the most powerful things you told me in that class was about forgiveness. Forgiveness is for the other person it’s not just for us. We forgive others because they need to be forgiven. We need to give them grace to not only make them ourselves feel better but also to make them feel loved and important. Another powerful thing you told me in that class is asking God how can I love him more."

DeAndra, Loss of relationship 

"It was definitely a BLESSING!! Just to begin to understand all the feelings and emotions I was going through helped to understand myself again, and begin to help me find who I was and who I am, knowing all I was going through the strength of the Lord. To me it is an amazing transformation and I am continuing to go through and grow and learn. My son's birth is a blessing, to have gotten to raise him, and the Lord chose me for this blessing! and a blessing to know my father in heaven has him back home safely with him! Now all I do is praise and rejoice knowing this! Amen".

Pauline,  Loss of son

"Jessica Poche's "Live" Grief Support class was very refreshing. Having endured 8 pregnancy losses and going on to have twin rainbow babies, I thought I had dealt with my grief. With sharing of the book, Experiencing Grief, it helped me revisit some areas of my grief with more of an understanding of grief and the sovereignty of God in spite of loss."

Yvonne, 8 Miscarriages

"As a retired service man, I know the importance of having the support of family in trying times, to know that there are support groups out there ready to help you when you need them. That's why I'm, so proud of my daughter. She's the CEO of A Widow's Fight. A program supporting those who are mourning the loss of a loved one. If that's you, please contact us at"

Richard, my dad, loss of mother

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