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Beauty from Ashes

         A Widow's Fight is a Christian organization, providing tools and events that promote self-sufficiency, wellness and health, emotional and spiritual support, healthy families, resources and education so that Hope, healing, Restoration, and Transformation are able to take place in those impacted by the loss of a loved one and those seeking to build a stronger families. The word of God is our foundational tool which is  integrated in every aspect of our organization, from the way we serve, to the way we teach our classes.


          Though available for anyone who is grieving, A Widow's Fight has a special place in our heart for those who are widowed and children who have lost a parent. Our foundational verse on which we serve is:

          James 1:27, "Religion that our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

          It is in this verse that we see God's heart for the widow and the orphan, and we acknowledge the need to serve them and all persons who H.H. R. T. is broken.

          Family is also a strong pillar in A Widow's Fight, as it is a strong family unit that can assist in the healing of grief by helping eliminate the emotional triggers or lack of support and feeling alone that often comes when a loved one passes.


Read below for more information about out Founder and our organizations theme song.



Jessica Poche' - Founder

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Founder, Servant Leader, Author, Poet, Artist, Entrepreneur, Speaker

        Nov 29th, 2015 I received the call that my husband's heart stopped and he was unable to be resuscitated. 1.5 Years prior, he and I had said "I do" after 11 years of friendship. A few months after we exchanged vows, my husband was diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis. After the death of my husband, I lost everything, practically becoming homeless, sleeping on my sisters couch, broken and broke.


        Never experiencing this type if pain and feeling the grief physically, as a knife in my chest, I knew that only Jesus was qualified to heal. I knew I could go to Him broken, so day after day I spent hours praying, worshipping, crying and journaling. One of my prayers became "God, when I don't understand your ways, help me to trust your love."



        I knew that I could trust His love because over 2,000 years ago, while I was dead in my sin, as proclaimed in Romans 5:8, Jesus died for me. This gave me hope in two perspectives. One, if God loved me that much to send Jesus, before I was born, to cover my sin and give me an option of new life and eternity with Him, then His love would not stop, especially now that I am living for Him. Two, Jesus had to go through much suffering so that the world could be saved. So, though I didn't see it then, I had an expectation that God would use this pain of losing my husband for a greater purpose than I could ever imagine.

         God began rebuilding me, he blessed me with a job, a home and a car. He gave me opportunities to share my story through radio broadcast, newspapers, and speaking engagements to teach of the importance of life insurance. I wrote my first book, 1 1/2 Years (click here to purchase). But most of all, He began to HEAL my grief. Removing the knife that was lodged in my heart and began developing a vision inside of me. 


            The vision was first, creating a non-profit to help those who are widowed and help grieving families focus on healing, by not only providing education and resources, but also financial assistance. I wanted to be able to help prevent others from experiencing what I had to go through, and to shed hope that God can heal the grieving, wounded soul. As the thought came to have this non-profit, I was thinking of ideas of providing funding into A Widow's Fight, until we could be supported by other means. That's when the idea of God Is Clothing came up. I wanted a way to boldly demonstrate who God had been to me during my time of grief. For me, He had shown His faithfulness in how He took care of me and how He still does. God Is Faithful, was the first God Is T-shirt/hoodie I made.


          Though, separate, they are intertwined entities which are both instruments of hope to a lost, broken, dying world who needs to not only realize the great attributes of who God Is, but to know that there is an organization, created for the ones that are forgotten. Those that are not really addressed in the church, but who are expressed as highly important to God throughout the bible, as evident in our foundational scripture: James 1:27 "Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world."


              I pray for us consistently. Though I don't know your name, I know that pain in your heart and I go before God concerning your pain continually. May you be introduced to God in your journey with A Widow's Fight and find strength, peace, direction and renewed hope, healing, restoration and transformation.          



                                                      Why a Widow's Fight?


     When a loved on dies, there is already a fight in grieving. When a death takes place, and there is no financial security, the fight is intensified. The name speaks of this fight that exists and seeks to provide remedy for both grief and financial needs (upon availability of funding resources). 

A Widow's Fight Anthem aka our Music in Action

               Adopted as the anthem of A Widow's Fight, musical recording artist Casey J's song "Your Heart" captures the vision, purpose, passion and goal of AWF. 

              We are not content with profession of Christ alone, but are dedicated to be His hands and feet in the lives of those who are broken, just as Jesus gave His life for us.

               As you listen to this song and read the lyrics, may the vision, clarity and standard of who we are, and those who we are seeking to serve with us, come to life.    





LYRICS: "These hands will wipe the tears, for those who cry to you at night, and these feet will walk the miles, to the place of those broken-hearted, and my voice will cry out for those who cry out for you. I'll be your heart to the ones I meet, I'll show love to the least of these, I would have never known if you didn't first love me, I've learned to love when I'm your hands and feet, I've learned to love Ill be your hands and feet.

These eyes will see the hurt, of those who suffer silently, and this mind will be like yours and believe what you called us to be, unselfish, unchanging, unfailing love. I'll be your heart to the ones I meet, I'll show love to the least of these, I would have never known if you didn't first love me, I've learned to love when I'm your hands and feet. I've learned to love Ill be your hands and feet. Unselfish, unchanging, unfailing love.

I want more, I want more, I want more of you, make me more, make me more, make me more
like you. I'll be your heart to the ones I meet, I'll show love to the least of these, I would have never known if you didn't first love me. I've learned to love when I'm your hands and feet
I've learned to love Ill be your hands and feet. Unselfish, Unchanging, Unfailing love"

Casey J has no affiliation with A Widow's Fight. Her music is uplifting and powerful. Support her HERE

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Secretary - Author - Doula Trainee - Speaker

Yvonne McCombs - Secretary



          Assisting others in their time of grief is no easy task. It takes a person with a like mind and heart, who also knows the power of God and how a relationship with Him helps heal the grief process. It is an honor to be able to note that individual as not only the secretary of A Widow's Fight, but also my sister and friend, Yvonne McCombs.


         Yvonne, mother of three children (a teen and twin toddlers) has a grief journey that spanned 10 years when she experienced the loss of 8 pregnancies. In this time of grief, though broken, she held on to her faith and has allowed God to transform her pain into victory and love for others.  Having always had a heart for women, this experience extended God's heart, through her, for the unborn child and parents who would experience the same pain as she did. 


         Yvonne is an advocate for woman who are pregnant, with a passion for African American women. She is an author (click here for purchase), speaker, host of the Yvonne McCombs show and bereavement doula trainee. We are privileged to have her on our team.