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We are community driven and active! From current information on our Social Media pages, to events that take you on a trip down memory lane. See how we have partnered with other organizations to host and support our community. Don't forget to read the testimonials below. If you want to join us in serving families, complete a Volunteer Form on our contact page.

A Widow's Fight Social

A Widow's Fight Social

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Got time? Take a moment to view various events we have hosted and participated in. 

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

Limited on time? Take a moment to view a quick video of some of our events and the events we have attended. If you are hosting an event, send information on our contact page. Upon approval, we will share and participate.

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Life Impact

Just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed the hair workshop for dads event. It gave me some great tips on how to manage my daughter’s hair. I am a father of 3 daughters and they all have their own style, and size head : ) , so this really gave me some insight of things I can do with them. Most importantly than the hair part, since they ended up redoing their own hair anyway, was the opportunity to connect with them on a different level. This gave room for some great conversations with my daughters and still has till this day. I witnessed the sense of comfort from my daughters to share things in a deeper sense. I believe as fathers we are to serve and treat our daughters in a such a way that they realize that they are valued. To lead by example and show how a man is to treat women. To honor and respect their very existence, their perspective, most importantly their emotions. Believe it or not, that is, in part, the take away I was able to walk away with and thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an opportunity.

Juan - IEFIC - 2019 Dad's Hair Workshop

In June of 2019 at the Morongo TANF an extraordinary event took place. Various men responded to an announcement for a workshop particularly for them to learn how to groom and braid the hair of their daughters, granddaughters, whoever. It was quite unique in that men aren't even offered the opportunity to venture in such a realm as that. They need to do this. It was truly a heartwarming, sensitive, positive act of kindness, and worth. There are so many wonderful men out here. This is a perfect setting for them to shine. My younger sister and I as youngsters were raised by my father, a widower. If it had taken place then, he would have surely attended Dad Hair Workshop. 


William - Participant - Dad Hair Workshop 

Family Day 2019 Family Day was very needed! It was very comforting to be able to have the space to share the memory of my precious loved one. This idea was creative and my heart was handled with care. More events like this are most definitely needed. Thank you

Yvonne - Yvonne McCombs Show - Speaker/Participant

I attended "Family Day". During that event the Host, Jessica had us write a letter, called "A Kiss Goodnight". It was during that exercise that we were able to release everything that we needed to say to our loved ones, that we didn't get a chance to say. For me, the letter was to My Mother. Who passed away on February 3,2012. I felt every emotion while writing the letter, but by the end of the letter, I felt a release.  I also attended one of her classes on grief via zoom, and again, I was truly blessed. I pray if you are grieving a lost of any kind that you surround yourself with people who understand what you're feeling and can help guide you and direct you through it. Although no one griefs exactly the same,  there is always someone who knows how to speak to you during your grief. God bless you Jessica for your heart to help those who are grieving.

Ajaninea - Participant - Family Day 2019 and Grief Class 2020

Jessica Poche’s Hair Workshop
Jessica has a heart for community and to be a helping hand to parents needing helpful tips to maintain Ethnic hair. The idea of hair workshops are phenomenal! When is the next one?

Yvonne - Ladies Hair Workshop

From my experience this was an incredible workshop. First off the venue was decorated beautifully. I loved the center pieces and gift favors. The food was delicious as well. Seeing the dads learning to do their daughter's hair was priceless. You helped create a moment between a little girl and her father that will always be remember and cherished. I remember seeing smiles and feeling a sense of love in room.  As the care taker for the children, I enjoyed painting with them. The kids were all engaged and were excited about making their pictures for their dads and giving them away to them. This was definitely a family engagement day that you should be proud of. There was a great choice of vendors to support the families with resources as needed.

Raina - Vendor - 2019 Dad's Hair Workshop

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