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Life Light

Watch messages that will change your life and bring light into the dark areas

Healthy Mothering

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Healthy Relationships

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Ma's and Mothers

Welcome My Sisters!!!!!

    Whether you are single, married, pregnant, a soon to be, current or future Mother, Step Mother, Sister, Foster Mom, Aunt, Coach, Grand Mother, Female Guardian... whatever stage of life you are in, you are welcome here.

אל ראי

El Roi

Hebrew - "God Sees"

     Sis, I know that you go day in and day out with concerns on your heart, thoughts in your mind and prayers on your lips that you feel are overwhelming. Sometimes, even with your beautiful joy and amazingly positive attitude, you have moments of just needing rest and intentional attentive affection. You question, God, do you care? Do you see me? ...Remember, you matter.

Genesis 16

   As read in Gen 16, Hagar, a slave of Sarai, was given to Abram at Sarah's request, to produce in her what she was incapable of producing...legacy. Sarai was barren and took matters into her own hand's rather than waiting on God. For years and years, Sarai, through the desire to give birth, prayed for her womb to be opened, but in her actions, we can see she decided to be the answer to her own prayers. In Sarai's choosing to step in God's place (sound familiar?), and moving prematurely to get the desire of her heart, she created a plan that affected her servant, her sister, her created equal and fellow woman Hagar and even our world today. Sarai's plan brought strife between the two women, eventually leading to Sarai treating Hagar harshly, resulting in her running away. Do you relate with either women or even both?

    In this place of rejection, mistreatment and running, Hagar is found by God. He asked her Where are coming from? Where are you going? Gave her instructions that may not have been easy to follow, with a promise attached to it and affirmed her, letting her know that the Lord has heard her. This experience ends with her having the honor of naming God...

She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: "You are the God who sees me," for she said, "I have now seen the One who sees me." Gen 16:13

    My sister, you are seen. Whether you are Hagar or Sarai - who was also visited by God (Ch. 18), given a new name, given a promise and blessed with the desire of her heart - understand, that the cry of your heart reaches heaven and the Lord is attentive to you.


What is the Lord asking you?

What instructions is He giving you?

What promise has He spoken to you?

As you read through the bible, you will see special care and attention from God (OT) and Jesus (NT) to women. He loves you.

Know your value!

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Healthy You

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