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Reaching Out to Heal within

No matter what negative situation we find ourselves in, one truth we must hold to is that there is a healing embedded in giving. Whether receiving a new car after the old one is totaled, getting a hug in the most broken place, receiving a new ice cream cone for free after the original one fell on the ground or receiving the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, all provide a different level of healing that replaces the tears.

The beauty of giving is the same as forgiveness. It touches both the life of the givers and the recipients.

When we go through grief, whether a widow, widower or one who has experienced any other loss, we tend to believe that healing is impossible and that healing from grief is erasing the affection and memories of the loved one that passed away. So we isolate ourselves, enduring, sometimes, unnecessary pain as we slowly dissenegrate quietly inside our own emotional hurricane. The same may be true for those dealing with depression.

But there is hope and healing available! God has granted us the awesome gift to run to Him in our time of pain and need, He in turn heals the pain and empowers us to give to others who are also in pain.

As a widow, I found out really quickly how much the average person has no clue about the pain I was experiencing and definitely no idea on what to say, but my sisters who have experienced my pain know how to reach me, and no matter what age, race, religion, or profession, she understood a hug was needed and didn't mind praying together or holding on longer. She was able to minister to my soul, and vice versa, because she chose to give in her pain and share tears and smiles with me, rather than walk away leaving me in pain alone.

My pain became a magnet, connecting me with others in pain, for our healing.

Understanding the power of giving, A Widows Fight has created an amazing opportunity for widows and widowers. That is to write letters of encouragement to your brother or sister who is in your shoes. No one understands the power of encouragement more than the one who has experienced the same heartache. These letters will be forwarded to a widow/widowerer along with a "Healing Bag" (package of encouraging items to help in the time of grief). Send letters to

A Widows Fight - Widow to Widow

PO Box 54 Highland, CA 92346 or email to

For others who desire to participate, you can donate an item of encouragement, journals, devotionals, bibles, encouraging artwork, gift cards (for things that can be done individually instead of as a couple), books for grieving individuals, etc to

PO Box 54 Highland,CA 92346

Or make a tax deductible donation at or the mailing address above.

We are transforming lives, one widow a time. Will you help us?


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